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Jan Egil Braendeland

About Jan Egil Braendeland

Jan Egil Brændeland has more than 27 years’ experience in the global energy sector. A business leader with a wide cultural and analytical understanding of this challenging market sector, Jan is renowned as a deal maker and for delivering complex projects.

After gaining an MSc in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Jan began his career at KBR Inc. He was Senior Vice President of the Oil & Gas global business unit until 2011. After two years as Senior Vice President of global upstream sales at Foster Wheeler, he returned to KBR Inc. Here Jan was President of Oil & Gas and more recently Executive Vice Present of Global Sales. Jan left KBR Inc in December 2020 and is now an independent consultant and advisor for the Global Energy Sector.

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Jan was also one of the founders of SOCAR-KBR LLC which, since its establishment in 2015, has grown to 350 Employees and a yearly turnover of USD 100 Million/year. Jan served on the board of directors of SOCAR-KBR LLC from March 2015 until August 2020.

He has also established other joint ventures for projects in Australia, Angola, Nigeria and Norway and is used to working within the C Level Suite with partners and clients organisations.

Jan has a reputation as a well-respected global leader in the field. His ability to deliver on high-profile projects time after time are testament to his experience. He has worked all over the world, from locations that include the US, UK, Azerbaijan, Angola, Brazil, Singapore, Norway and Algeria.

Previously he was Chairman of KBR Norway AS, KBR Plinke (Germany), KBR Ecoplannig (Finland) and GVA Consultants AB (Sweden) and is currently a member of the Energy Transition Association.